Our greatest strength is our team!

Amazing expertise & talent from around the world.

Our "Leadership"

CEO & Founder


Ideas man. Award-winning technologist with thirty years experience in enterprise computing with more than half of this time spent doing internet based start-ups in Australia and Silicon Valley, USA.

Strategy & Finance


International man of mystery. Rain dancer & professional herder of cats, purveys strategic things like finance, legal and contracts.  His facility with technical subtlety is inspiration to just smile and nod.

Lead Developer


Dry of wit and smooth of operation.  The quiet achiever, glides on up to the task, executes then fades back into the ether, all without breaking a sweat. Our European cultural liaison and local hair products distributer, with a little software off the back and sides.

Creative Lead


Compass of artistic direction. Accomplished vocalist, avant-guarde, fashionista and trend setter. Not a bloody programmer, but a creative diva providing the calming oil on waters that float our boat.

Project Wrangler


Programme Manager, Fixer & Operational roadblock. Spends our money, wastes our time, but delivers very little by way of product.  Doesn't know art, but he knows what he likes, and he likes making life 'interesting'.

Marketing & Media


Guardian of the CRM and resident lady of grace and accent from foreign lands. As official poster of posts and presenter of our presence, she is our voice of media, marketing and promotions.

Morale & Motivation


The youngest member of our team. Roving food snatcher, excitable pooper, and endless fountain of fresh slobber. No stick shall escape his jaws, no sad face will go un-licked.