Gaia Pro

Create, populate & stream stunning worlds in minutes!

Gaia Pro

Gaia Pro is a powerful, all in one terrain and scene generation system that created stunning mobile, VR console and desktop scenes.

It delivers simple, fast and pretty terra-forming, texturing, planting and procedural content placement using our sample assets or yours as you prefer.

Gaia Pro saves you time, money and heartache by including everything you need to create beautiful studio quality environments. 

    • Select world size and target platform
    • Create your terrain by stamping mountains, hills, mesas, lakes and rivers
    • Spawn your biome to texture, plant, and populate your world procedurally
    • Setup your lighting, wind, water, player controller and post fx with a single click
    • Press play and explore your world


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Key Features

Gaia Pro is a system of systems designed to automate many aspects of world and scene creation, enhancement and operation. It has all the features of Gaia plus:

    • Wizard driven setup optimised for target platform
    • Massive world, multi terrain & scene streaming support
    • Fill it with our content or yours with our powerful and extensible biome system
    • Visually design your world by mixing and matching stamps with real time previews
    • Visualize and influence terrain and content placement with powerful stackable filters
    • Asset and vegetation shaders with sss, snow, location variation and world space cover
    • Multiple sky, lighting (including time of day), vfx & sound fx systems
    • Stunning professionally designed alpine and temperate forest biome 
    • Weather system with rain and snow support
    • High performance water system & shaders
    • Builtin, URP and HDRP support
    • GPU accelerated
    • Unity 2019.3+.


Assets Included

In addition to being a powerful system for creating terrains and scenes, Gaia includes free assets to get you started.

Samples included with Gaia

  • Textures from
  • Grasses from Turboscalpeur
  • Sample trees from Gaia Pro
  • Sample rocks from Gaia Pro
  • Buildings and props from 3DForge
  • 3D Low Poly Adventure from Synty Studios
  • Quality Textures from NatureManufacture

Included with Gaia Pro

Gaia Pro takes this to a whole new level and includes everything in Gaia plus:

  • Skies, background music, sound fx, particle fx, post fx & more water profiles
  • Rich forest biome including matched textures, grasses and flowers, rocks, bushes and trees