15 Nov 2021 Hosi Stankovic

Educational License Grant Program

At Procedural Worlds we are big believers in supporting next generation talent. Which is why we are excited to announce our Educational License Grant Program.

Qualified Educational Institutions can apply to join the program and become educational partners with Procedural Worlds. Benefits for educators include discounted licensing of our products as well as access to support and insights from the Procedural Worlds team.

Our first educational partner CICE, based in Madrid, Spain provides professional training in development, communications and digital marketing. They have a community of 60,000 students from over 30 countries and are the only Authorized Training Center in continental Europe to be a Unity Technologies Authorized Certification Center and they run the Unity Authorized Training Program.

CICE will include our product, GAIA, as part of their video game development programs and their students will be trained in:

* The creation of terrains with mountains, hills, plateaus, lakes and rivers.
* The generation of resources to texturize, plant and populate terrain.
* How to configure and add players, wind and water and post effects.

Not only will students have access to GAIA while they are studying on campus, they will also be able to use GAIA at home and get most out of their training at CICE.

Educational institutions interested in becoming a part of the Procedural Worlds Educational License Grant Program can Contact Us here.