06 Apr 2018 Adam Goodrich

All That Glitters Is Not Gold: New CTS Release V1.6

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of Complete Terrain Shader (CTS) is now available for download from the Unity Asset Store. Version 1.6.0 is the fourth free update since the product was first released as a collaboration between Procedural Worlds and NatureManufacture.

“This constant iteration is testament to our commitment to keeping our customers top of mind by continually improving our products”, says Adam Goodrich, CEO of Procedural Worlds.

This sentiment is echoed by NatureManufacture’s Bartlomiej Galas: “Many of the features in this release are based on community requests.”

Not only can you continue to create beautiful environments with CTS, but now you also get:

• A new lite shader designed for maximum speed by removing cutouts, snow and triplanar.
• An updated snow module with glitter functionality for more interesting snow.
• New colour map masking and opacity options.
• New profile disconnection code to optimise memory usage.
• New unregister on destroy code to release memory locking in dynamic terrains
• Modified and substantially faster shader update system.
• Modified cutout masking now moved to a separate texture.
• Modified demo controller so that fly and walk can be transparently swapped.
• Anisio settings now exposed.
• There have also been various Amplify and CTS bug fixes.
• Unity 2018.1 is now supported and the substance-related compilation issues fixed.
• Renaming shaders so they can be grouped for easier management.
• Improved WebGL support.

The intent in creating CTS was to build a terrain shading system that was both powerful and easy to use. Recent customer reviews demonstrate that this thinking continues to permeate through every aspect of CTS:

Ease of Use and Power in One Package – Guildwriter
I’ve used more than several different Terrain shaders on the asset store and have been happiest with CTS. It has the right balance of features, ease of use, and performance. I was able to download the package and get started right away and was instantly pleased with the results. Much more tweaking later and I can say that I am a completely satisfied customer. When I was having an issue with CTS, Adam took the time from his day to sit down in a call with me and discuss my issue. After some time we managed to figure out the source of the issue (which had nothing to do with CTS). Really cannot say enough about how impressed I was with that. I consider assets like CTS to be the standard by which to judge other Unity Assets.

Easy to use and looks great – KashyyyksFinest
Considering Unity’s standard terrain shader – if you want your games terrain to look nice without hours and hours of work, or want to incorporate MegaScans or PBR textures – look no further! As soon as you load in CTS you can see the change immediately BEFORE you even touch the settings. Great tool, well worth the price.

If you already have CTS, or are interested in taking a deeper look then you can check it out in the CTS section of our site, and on the Unity Asset Store.