21 Jun 2017 PW News Team

Unity 3D Game Optimisation and Lighting Articles

Setting SpeedTree Up to Use Instancing – This tutorial shows how to set SpeedTree up to use instancing – this get’s you a substantial performance boost.

Optimizing Your Scenes for Mobile – This tutorial runs through how you can optimize your scenes for mobile games, with a focus on how to optimize your settings in Gaia.

Introduction to Precomputed GI – Awesome article on how to optimize your scenes for GI. I implemented this and a bunch of other optimizations into GeNa.

Optimizing The Hierarchy – Best practices from Unity on scene hierarchy optimization.

Asset Bundles vs Resources – Learn about why asset bundles are better from the Unity team.

Draw call batching in Unity 5.6 – Learn how to minimize your draw calls with batching.

Unity Optimisation for Intel x86 Platforms – The various profilers and how to use them to optimize your Unity performance.

50 Tips and Best Practices for Unity 2016

Catlike Coding Tutorials – Some great tutorials in here