Real time collaborative experiences for
teams, concerts, expos, games and education.

Massively multiplayer virtual environments

MMO with a click! Designed with the same 'simplicity is beauty' ethos of all our products, PW-Connect makes it easy to add multi player capability to any scene.

PW-Connect is more than online chat, Zoom, Slack, Teams or Video Streaming:

    • Delivers inherently social interactions and physical presence
    • Non linear & interactive in nature, choose personalised content based on location
    • Shared proximity, interactions and fun mechanics enhance socialization and bonding
    • Cost effective when compared to traditional location based events
    • Choose one of our worlds or customize to your own requirement
    • The environment is a sticky destination in it's own right
    • Content can be live or prerecorded and repurposed
    • No game development experience required.

Key Features

With a constantly expanding feature list PW-Connect focuses on ease of use, extensibility and expandability.

    • Multiplayer enabled
    • 1st, 3rd & flying point of view
    • Real time text and voice chat
    • Video streaming (live & pre-recorded)
    • Shared web browsing (e-commerce, any online content)
    • Have fun with teleporters, jetpacks, buggies, tanks and more
    • Modify your world and the features within it with our user generated content creation system
    • Server configurations can scale from tens to millions of users
    • Installation, versioning and patching system for seamless operation
    • Self managed user registration and management support
    • Supports Windows. Mac OSX, and web, mobile coming soon
    • P2P and client server operating modes
    • Customizable worlds.

Collaborative User Generated Content

People love to express themselves, and SnapBuilder enables your users to collaborate in real time to create and then share their own content!

Key Concepts:

SnapBuilder enables the collaborative placement and execution of 3D content and mechanics into your scene in real time.

Content that has been placed by your users into your scene is saved into a session, and the system owner can load and unload sessions at any time to create truly dynamic experiences for their user base.

    • A palette is a dynamically loaded set of 3D content primitives and micromechanics that can be added or executed in your system at runtime
    • A micromechanic is a uniquely interactive palette entry that adds executable game mechanics into your scene when the session is loaded
    • A session is a set of objects that have been instantiated into your scene from one or more palettes
    • Sessions can be loaded and unloaded at any time.

Monetize your system by selling palettes of custom content to your users!

Use Cases, Services & Licensing

Corporate Meetings, Events & Training

    • Host corporate meetings, events & training in a virtual environment. Present, chat, collaborate & have a bit of fun too, remotely, safely & effectively.

Expo's, Concerts & Mass Events

    • Expo's, concerts & entertainment events - in custom worlds you can create & edit in real time.

Interactive Remote Education

    • Deliver remote education in a fun, interactive & managed virtual environment - customised & in real time.

Interactive Games

    • Deliver games in which your users can interact to create and experience their own ever evolving adventures.


    • PW-Connect is available either as a standalone system you can customise and extend yourself, or as a managed service in which we handle everything from world creation to hosting and management for you.
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