Gaia Pro

Generate Expansive 3D Terrains in a Flash.
With Streamlined Efficiency for 2023!

Gaia Pro 2023

Craft Stunning 3D Worlds in Minutes with Gaia Pro 2023!

New 2023 Update with a Streamlined Workflow.​

Create stunning game environments in minutes with the award-winning Gaia.

Our upgraded 2023 terrain building tool for Unity, with mobile and VR, offers more control and flexibility with a streamlined install. Gaia 2023 generates detailed scenes and levels rapidly, eliminating weeks of manual work. Winner of Unity's "Best Artistic Tool" award, the wizard-based Gaia simplifies terraforming, texturing, and placement for stylized to photorealistic worlds.

The new modular 2023 version lets you optimize performance by installing only desired components so you save space. New features include GPU terrain rendering, touch controls, streamlined pipelines, and continued 2022.3 support.

Backed by the Canopy Community's forums, tutorials, and active user base, Gaia saves you painstaking hours by automating environment creation from start to finish.


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Key Features

Gaia Pro is a system of systems designed to automate many aspects of world and scene creation, enhancement and operation. It has all the features of Gaia plus:

    • Wizard driven setup optimised for target platform
    • Massive world, multi terrain & scene streaming support
    • Fill it with our content or yours with our powerful and extensible biome system
    • Visually design your world by mixing and matching stamps with real time previews
    • Visualize and influence terrain and content placement with powerful stackable filters
    • Asset and vegetation shaders with sss, snow, location variation and world space cover
    • Multiple sky, lighting (including time of day), vfx & sound fx systems
    • Stunning professionally designed alpine and temperate forest biome 
    • Weather system with rain and snow support
    • High performance water system & shaders
    • Builtin, URP and HDRP support
    • GPU accelerated
    • Unity 2019.3+.


Quicker, more customizable and future-proof terrain building

Saves time through faster world building and streamlined workflows. The modular install, improved pipelines, and automated fixes accelerate environment creation and iteration speed.
Increases efficiency by optimizing performance, compile times, and removing legacy clutter. Users can build more with less through a leaner, more responsive tool.

Provides more creative control and flexibility over the tool setup and functionality. Users can fine tune Gaia's capabilities to perfectly match their needs.
Ensures continued compatibility with the latest Unity versions and features like GPU rendering. Users can leverage Unity's newest capabilities and stay up-to-date.

Offers convenience through intelligent features like the status overview panel which proactively identify and fix project issues automatically. Reduces user effort.

Demonstrates a commitment to customer-focused iterative improvement through new features and planned additions. Users can trust their investment in the tool will pay off long-term.

Allows users to produce higher quality results faster by removing friction points in the world building process. Empowers users to turn their visions into reality with ease.

Faster, Modular, Effortless

Ends the painstaking process of hand-making game environments Our step-by-step wizard rapidly builds fully formed Unity terrains. No other tool offers this guided approach You’re in control. Only install the specific components you need to optimize performance.