Gaia Pro Tutorials


Quick Start documentation for Gaia lives in the Procedural Worlds / Gaia / Documentation directory.

Additionally, all Panels in the Gaia user interface will show a ? which you can click on in order to toggle inline help.

This is actually the best way to understand what the various settings do, and is always the most up to date version of the Gaia Documentation, and Tutorials.

Major Version Differences:

Gaia 2021:

  • Biomes
  • Multi Tile Support
  • GPU Accelerated Stamping
  • GPU Accelerated Spawning
  • Lighting, Post FX, Sound FX
  • Built In, URP, HDRP Shaders
  • Water System with water Shaders & underwater effects
  • Third Party Extensions
  • Stackable Filtering
  • Mesh conversion (Terrain to Mesh)
  • Unity 2020.3 (LTS)+

Gaia Pro - All of Gaia 2 PLUS:

  • Massive World Creation Support
  • Non Destructive Massive World Edit Support
  • Massive World Streaming & Culling Support
  • Additional stamping & erosion operations
  • Additional masking operations
  • Mask exporting system
  • Spawnable VFX system and assets
  • Spawnable Sound FX system and assets
  • Integrated Weather System with rain and snow
  • Time of Day Lighting System
  • HQ Photogrametry Enhanced Biome Assets & Presets
  • Multiple pre-configured biomes
  • Low-poly-style Terrain Mesh Conversion
  • Unity 2019.3 - Unity 2020.3 LTS.

Gaia Pro 2021 - All of Gaia Pro PLUS:

  • World Designer - fully procedural world generator
  • Flora Grass / Detail System - accelerated grass system (HDRP beta)
  • Photo Mode - awesome runtime photo creation system
  • World Space Masks - world space image and distance masks
  • Terrain Addition / Deletion support - dynamically grow your world
  • Biome Based Stamping - shape your terrain as part of your biome
  • Terrain Stitching Tool - dynically connect terrains to remove gaps
  • GAIA API - call Gaia functions within editor
  • Unity 2020.3 LTS+


Gaia Pro 2021 (v3.0.0)

Gaia Pro 2021 supports from Unity 2020.3 (LTS) onwards. It is an iteration on the previous Gaia Pro (v2.0.0) series, so many functions will be the same or similar. 

Gaia Pro v2.2.1


Gaia Pro v2.1.6


Gaia 1