01 Oct 2021 Hosi Stankovic

Procedural Worlds at Nordic Game 2021 - NG21 Autumn

Procedural Worlds is excited to announce our attendance at NG21 Autumn where we will be talking about the roadmap for our lead products and lifting the lid on our Meta Worlds launch!

Watch the official trailer - Welcome to NG21 Autumn, 2-5 November. And if you have not done so already it's not too late to register for NG21 Autumn here.

Join Procedural World's evangelist Bryan Marsh as he chats with Nordic Game co-host Thor Myrdal about his inspiring story - about how he got into game development and building worlds like Skyrim and GTA 5. Staying with development – and never giving up!

Then, as part of Procedural World's exciting innovation partnership and AI intiative with Intel, PW founder Adam Goodrich will present a sneak peek into new tools "Unlocking AI for game developers" - a must-see session.

NG21 registrants have the opportunity to MeetToMatch online with Adam and Bryan. Be among the first to learn directly from Adam about our upcoming Meta Worlds platform and ecosystem to help you create, publish and share rich social experiences in 3D. And don't worry - if you cannot attend online or in person, simply register with us and we will keep you in the loop and ahead of the field.

Finally, we are excited to announce Procedural World's new CEO Peter Wagner who will be attending the conference so you can get to know him in person.

While PW's founder Adam Goodrich at the same time is moving to the CEO role for Meta Worlds to help our creative community of game developers and artists become super charged. Through Meta Worlds our existing tools will leverage a state-of-the-art publishing platform that will knock your socks off! Honestly, we cannot wait to tell you.

Peter and Bryan will be attending the Executive meeting in Malmo, and in person in Copenhagen Denmark during the NG21 Autumn conference so come and meet with them if you are there too.

Stay peeled as we share some more great news about our internal organisational changes, and how this will propel our customers over the coming years, to make it easier for you to release more great products.

Wherever you are in your game development journey, come take the next step with us as we help you level up!

Oh and... MERCHANDISE - I hear? YES - we got that too! Just place your order at our Ethos store.