28 Oct 2021 Hot off the Press

Procedural Worlds partners with Intel on AI for GameDev launch

Game development asset-creator Procedural Worlds has partnered with Intel to combine the AI inferencing power of the latest Intel® Graphics technology with the award winning and developer-friendly Gaia product for Unity AI game developers!

Gaming has never been a more significant part of life, meaning innovation is needed to feed the insatiable demand we all have for exciting content. In this Tech Insight, Roger Chandler (Vice President & General Manager of Graphics and Gaming Product Team - Intel Corporation) discusses how Intel® technologies, platforms, tools, and partnerships are helping developers bring the latest gaming experiences to hundreds of millions of gamers

Intel's technologies, platforms and tools for game developers are better together with Procedural Worlds' coming special version of Gaia.

"We're so excited to partner with game developer asset creators like Procedural Worlds, allowing us to combine the power of AI Inferencing with their well established and developer friendly Gaia interface for Unity.", says Roger.

Extending this AI power into Procedural Worlds’ next-generation Meta Worlds platform promises to elevate game world creation capabilities to a previously unimaginable level. You can now create richly textured worlds that feature complex and photo-realistic terrains, lush vegetation, and lifelike environmental systems—in mere minutes.


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