29 Oct 2021 Hosi Stankovic

Special release of Gaia with Intel® AI GameDev Toolkit coming soon...

Procedural Worlds, as an Intel® Software Innovator and world leader in procedural content generation, is producing a version of the acclaimed Gaia technology with Intel’s AI GameDev Toolkit.

Adam Goodrich, founder of Procedural Worlds, is preparing to build a special version of Gaia (to be announced) incorporating Intel’s upcoming AI GameDev Toolkit as a free download that you would want to play with, as soon as possible. You will have access to tools that makes virtual world far easier to create, and they interact seamlessly with Unity.

Procedural Worlds produces many tools for indies and professionals alike: Gaia, Gaia Pro, GeNa, GeNa Pro, Pegasus and Ambient Sounds, all available directly from the PW Shop or from the Unity Asset Store. These tools help developers and artists create assets and bring their environments to life using the latest artist-driven procedural content-generation techniques.

Procedural content generation is the use of algorithms to produce sophisticated 3D environments. Procedural generation can automatically create large amounts of content with smaller file sizes and a randomness that makes such worlds far less predictable. When compared to manual processes, procedural content generation dramatically shortens the time it takes to develop intricate environments while significantly improving quality.

Goodrich was named an Intel® Software Innovator in 2021. When later approached to incorporate Gaia into Intel’s upcoming AI GameDev Toolkit release, he jumped at the chance.

Intel is one of those companies that, to me, are just icons”, he says. The chance to help more visionaries to create, connect, and scale out beautiful worlds into their work was an easy pitch.

Working with Intel, we could potentially accelerate the power of machine learning to make more variety and believability in gaming content. It’s all about delivering more power and flexibility into the hands of content creators, which is good for Intel, good for Procedural Worlds, and good for the entire industry. We see the potential of working with Intel to reach billions of content creators and consumers. I think that's pretty exciting.”, Goodrich says.

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