03 Aug 2018 Adam Goodrich

SECTR Joins The Procedural Worlds Family

We are excited to welcome the SECTR suite of products from Make Code Now into the Procedural Worlds family.
SECTR not only brings terrain and scene streaming into the Procedural World suite of tools, but also provides a framework for delivering large world support.

Procedural Worlds is committed to working together with the author of SECTR to ensure that the same high standard of customer support that existing SECTR and Procedural Worlds customers both enjoy.

For existing SECTR customers, please be assured that your investment is in good hands and please contact us with any questions you may have. SECTR will be migrated the Procedural Worlds publisher account on the Unity asset store. Your existing purchase from SECTR is being be seamlessly migrated.

Moving forward, Procedural Worlds plans to continue evolving and enhancing SECTR, with the goal of integrating with our PW suite of products starting with Gaia.

As part of our commitment to continually enhancing the Procedural Worlds content generation and delivery pipeline look for our Gaia / SECTR integrated launch within the next few weeks.


SECTR is the go to solution for streaming huge open worlds to desktop and mobile devices. The SECTR suite of modules is all about spaces and the connections between them. This suite has been designed to work seamlessly with the Unity Technologies Game Engine and with the end goal of building the most efficient, best looking and sounding games possible.

There are four modules to SECTR:

  • Core – build game systems that divide scenes into Sectors and connect them with Portals;
  • Stream – split scenes into multiple chunks and stream them in real time; saving memory, increasing performance and decreasing load times;
  • Audio – create rich, complex, efficient soundscapes; and
  • Vis – a low memory, high performance, dynamic occlusion culling system that renders only what the player needs to see.