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24 Nov 2021 Procedural Worlds

NaturesBeauty Game Jam - Nov 24 - Dev 20, 2021

Welcome to the #NaturesBeauty Game Jam running from November 24 - December 20th 2021. The theme of this Game Jam is #NaturesBeauty, and to qualify to enter you must use at least one Procedural Worlds Tool, but can use any other tool or asset you want.

15 Nov 2021 Procedural Worlds marketing

Black Friday Sale from November 14 - December 5 - 2021

Procedural Worlds is pleased to announce that its products will be on sale for 50% off for the Unity Black Friday Sale from November 14th through to December 5th. Now is the best time ever to purchase our World Builder Bundle, with an additional 50% off it's already discounted bundle price!

01 Nov 2021 Procedural Worlds marketing

Introducing Meta Worlds - Launching Q1 2022

We are super excited to introduce our latest offering Meta Worlds launching Q1 2022. Be in the First 50 Publishers to receive a promotional discount to launch your world! Find out more...

29 Oct 2021 Hosi Stankovic

Special release of Gaia with Intel® AI GameDev Toolkit coming soon...

Procedural Worlds, as an Intel® Software Innovator and world leader in procedural content generation, is producing a version of the acclaimed Gaia technology with Intel’s AI GameDev Toolkit.

28 Oct 2021 Hot off the Press

Procedural Worlds partners with Intel on AI for GameDev launch

In this Tech Insight Roger Chandler (VP & GM of Graphics and Gaming Product Team - Intel Corporation) discusses how Intel technologies, platforms & AI tools for game developers is better together with Procedural Worlds' coming special version of Gaia.

01 Oct 2021 Hosi Stankovic

Procedural Worlds at Nordic Game 2021 - NG21 Autumn

Procedural Worlds is excited to announce our attendance at NG21 Autumn where we will be talking about the roadmap for our lead products and lifting the lid on our Meta Worlds launch!

23 Dec 2020 Procedural Worlds marketing

Unity Awards 2020 - Gaia Pro voted as Best Artistic Tool

Read about the how Unity development community voted Gaia Pro product as the Best Artistic Tool at the Unity Awards 2020

03 Aug 2018 Adam Goodrich

SECTR Joins The Procedural Worlds Family

The SECTR suite of products from "Make Code Now" has joined the Procedural Worlds family. SECTR brings terrain and scene streaming into the Procedural World suite of tools, as well as a framework for delivering large world support.